Welcome to Lola Bee Studio! We are a premier boutique design agency and the go to company for the design needs of the city’s top companies. You’re probably here because your company needs to gain greater exposure and customer recognition for its brand. Good News…we can help! By fine-tuning your marketing approach, we will differentiate you from your competitors and allow your brand to better support its position as a leader in your industry. Our goal is to build your recognition and reputation with new customers, coordinate marketing and communications and develop a consistent look and marketing assets for your brand. View our services and previous work then schedule a phone consultation to get started!


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Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless,

add what is specifically your own.

— Bruce Lee


Our Design Code

It is important that every project we work on is brimming with creativity. The driving force behind every design that is produced is the desire to create a work of art that is different and better than the piece before. Not only is it necessary to satisfy the needs of our clients but also to make sure that we are constantly thinking outside-the-box to develop innovative concepts.